D800 sRAW and sRAW2

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Re: I don't need sRAW and sRAW2.... its silly

CaryTheLabelGuy wrote:

sRAW is nothing more than a glorified .TIFF file, it's not a real RAW file, by its very virtue. You can get close to the same results by selecting Small, Medium or Large .TIFF settings in-camera. The problem this causes is file size issues, as the Nikon in-camera TIFF is totally uncompressed, thus the files are large.

The low resolution TIFFs would maybe have been useful if they contained more than 8 bits of information. As it is now, I see no value in TIFF over JPEG and RAW.

A 16 bit JPEG2000 format, however, might have been useful for small files with retained latitude.

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