Nikon FF-user loving his E-M5 (12 pics)

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Re: Nikon FF-user loving his E-M5 (12 pics)

Thanks! I have really enjoyed the EM5. I did post one picture from the GX1 by accident! I love that body as well for different reasons. I use it all the time with the pancake lenses.

All of these portraits are natural light but i did just pick up the FL600R for the EM5. I combine it with a couple of different softboxes/modifiers and the TTL works great. It is even reasonable outside triggering it line of sight from a short distance. I could see using a stack of the 50R's for High Speed sync. I just need it to not be line of sight. Also, sometimes doing some outdoor sports I will clamp my Nikon strobes with PW's to trees etc very far away and i think the IR/Line of sight would be an issue for that. So close....

I just find from the perspective of a person trying to make at least a few bucks from photography, lighting is a very viable way to differentiate yourself in this time when everybody is a photographer. I hate to limit myself to natural light only though i am pretty comfortable with it..


Hi Ed

The thing about natural light is that we can only control it to a certain degree, so I totally understand your sentiment to use strobes in paying gigs.

I was thinking about picking up the FL600R myself and I am glad to hear your positive experiences within its physical limitations!

I was considering the GX1 with pancake too for a take anywhere backuo but I think I'll go the RX100 way instead.


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