Disappointed with 250mm Focal Length...

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Re: Disappointed with 250mm Focal Length...

He already uses a 600D (so same sensor as the 7D).


But, you used ISO 3200 with 1/4000s, so quite room to improve here (much lower ISO)
And, you coud crop into the image ...
But in the end: Of course a longer lens will also help, oviously.
But how much do you want to spend?

Canon builds (or builded) lenses up to 1200mm, then slap a extender to it (2x) and you will get up to 1200mm*2*1.6=3840mm equivalence. BUT, it'll cost more than a new house.

Quite affordable (in my opinion, you might consider differently) is the 400mm range. Bothe, the 100-400mm or the 400mm are an excellent choice (cost around 1500$). Add a 1.4x extender, and you equivalent focal length is more than that of a sx40 (400mm*1.6*1.4=900mm)

On the other hand, a lot of money, for taking pictures of the moon (gets boring after you have taken 10 or so )

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