Which lens would you buy first?

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Re: Which lens would you buy first?

First, I'd either upgrade the lens you have to get best IQ, OR I'd start with getting something that gives you a focal length you don't have. Depends on need and what you typically shoot.

The 24-70 is going to be better overall than the 18-105, plus give you F2.8, which will give you some subject isolation you don't have now. But it's mostly just giving you more of what you have.

I found the 24-70 to be quite a useful lens on DX, though not wide enough some of the time. It needs to be complemented with a wider lens if you shoot it on DX.


I have the 14-24 and the 12-24, plus an 80-200. The 14-24 is basically a waste on DX. If you are going to go wide, go wider with a 10-24 or 12-24. I find the 12-24 generally a more useful DX lens than the 14-24 because it is a) smaller, b) wider, and c) can take a polarizer.

I really like my old 80-200 - but on FX, not DX. It's very often not wide enough on DX, and I eventually quit carrying it (in favor of an 80-400). When I got a D700, I switched back to carrying the 80-200.

I think the 'proper' focal length on DX for a lens intended to do what a 70-200 does is about 50-135. Depends on what you shoot, or perhaps more where you are shooting. (Enough room).

Personally, I'd probably get the 70-200 first though.

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