RX100 Sweep Panorama Problem

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Re: RX100 Sweep Panorama Problem

It does appear that Sony took a step backwards with the sweep panorama feature on this otherwise very fine camera. I have the HX9V as well the RX100. The HX9V appears to do a continuous sweep rather than take multiple images and stitching together. And it can do it in much lower light levels. On the other hand, the shutter speed on the RX100 is fixed at 1/500 sec making it difficult to use in low light conditions.

The HX9V is also capable of doing a very high res 43 meg panorama. The RX100 does not have this option. And of course the HX9V does all this with no banding.

The RX100 represents an improvement over the HX9V in so many ways. But this is one feature I wish it inherited from the HX9V.

As far as the banding, not why that is happening. It may be due the vignetting that is not being well corrected from the individual images. The images are shot in the widest angle and widest aperture. As such, you would expect to see some level of vignetting.

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