How many new member to this forum because of RX100?

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Re: How many new member to this forum because of RX100?

I have an Oly XZ-1 which is quite good but I hate the user interface. Prior to that I had a Ricoh GX100 which I loved - great pictures in good light and it has the greatest interface of any digital for me. But as the P&S cameras have gotten better its weakness in low light was a real handicap - compared to the XZ-1 for instance. Prior to that I had a Canon S-90 which I liked but never loved. So I have been reading this forum almost every day looking at the RX-100. It seems almost just right. My only concerns are that the ring doesn't click and is apt to be moved by accident, there is no viewfinder for very bright sun and I don't know if the interface compares well to the Ricoh. I loved all the presets on the Ricoh - I had my presets for very different conditions and could switch between them without having to remember how to manage a million menus. I've never used a Sony. The pictures posted look very very good. I am going to wait until fall to see what other new products come out. Maybe a new small Ricoh with a large sensor? But if there is nothing new by late fall I will get the Sony. I expect I will like it much more than my XZ-1.

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