With all the issues, it's interesting that the D800

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Re: With all the issues, it's interesting that the D800

D800/D800E is a disruptive technology both by price and performance and therefore threatened a lot of competing camera companies. Therefore you see the internet based attacks that are exactly what we saw when the iPhone came out and wiped out Blackberry, Nokia and others. The difference is that Apple is US based and took this stuff seriously and nipped it in the bud. Remember when Jobs came on TV and demonstrated that the phoney "antenna" problem was the same on competing phones. However, Nikon, based in Japan largely ignores the US internet hysteria, they have more important markets to service. One curious aspect is that Bythom is caught up in this leaving KR looking good.

In my case I traded my H3DII-39 MF kit for a D800E and couldn't be happier. I sold my D800 interim body at a profit largely because I advertised it as free of focus problems, which internet-influenced buyers consider a big deal.

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