2nd Panasonic 12-35 going back...But?

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Re: 2nd Panasonic 12-35 going back...But?

Dixa wrote:

my canon 24-70L had horrendous CA. maybe the newer one addresses it, but that's a 2300 dollar lens.

if you are not willing to put any effort in processing raws i'm not sure why you are using any form of interchangeable lens camera. so you want an evf? buy a panasonic fz150 or fz200 when it's out or ANY number of bridge style small cameras.

I'm wondering if the OP is actually unaware that the whole m4/3 shebang started with the Panny G1 with its - for the time - revolutionary built-in high-res EVF. And that since then there have been no less than five more with built-ins, including three current 16MP bodies - GH2, G3, G5, and then the soon-to-come GH3. The EVF's have improved each generation.

Not a trace of CA in either JPG's or RAW - at least in my three years with GH1-GH2, except for a bit with the 4/3 50-200 w/EC-20 2X TC (EFL 800mm).

When he mentioned Panny not having built-in EVF's way up the thread, I assumed he must have meant IBIS. Could it be that he's really that far OTL not to have any idea about the E-M5's direct, lens-sharing, EVF bearing, CA free competition?


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