R3000 Inkjetcarts, Photo Black was but is not working now???

Started May 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
Vernon D Rainwater Forum Pro • Posts: 13,637
Re: R3000, Photo Black is working now!!! Thanks russell...

wjwncpro_Ds wrote:

I did just as you instructed below and got it working. I plugged it back in in the morning, did a nozzle check which was spotty and went through the unplug/plug cycle again while I was at work and when I came home it was working.
So a BIG Thank You rrussell99

As a note; Ross Hardie also suggested a similar procedure using ammonia but I wasn't to hip to that idea but I'm sure it would work also...

My opinion is that what Ross advised (or suggested) would definitely work well. I prefer to use the normal "Household type" of Windex which (of course) contains Ammonia.

I am not at all impressed with using water (of any type) for dissolving ink residue (Gunk) on and around the print head and the parking station. The product with ammonia will do a more thorough cleaning.

Also, I prefer to place the print head area over folded paper towel soaked in Windex for an extended period (usually over night) and to also manually move the print unit back and forth across the Windex wet Paper towel to wipe off and clean the head properly. I repeat as necessary to get completely clean.

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