Canon BG-E6. Is it real? (link included)

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Re: This one is clearly a knock off BUT

A couple years ago I had to send my 7D's battery grip into Canon for a repair. I had bought it from a dealer in China and paid way less than what you would normally think. The BG came in a Canon box with Canon instructions, Canon warranty card, the AA battery cage with Canon made in Japan printed on it and Canon printed on the BG and it looked exactly like the higher priced ones.

I get a call back from Canon service asking where I had gotten the BG and I explained to them where. She told me Canon could not fix it. I asked do you think it's counterfeit and she replied possibly. I emailed photos of the box, documents , etc. per their request. I was just about to drop some bucks on another BG like the one I hadn un announced like just before I'm going to buy, I get a box from Canon in the mail and in the box was a brand new BG. Same box visually as I had that the original BG came in. So now, I don't know if they just replaced it or got one from China to replace it but they never asked for money for the repair or the BG. Weird.

The grip was exactly the same as the one I sent in

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