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Re: Agree with Topaz

My opinion/experience is the following:

Adjust is world-class, I don't think any other program can match what it can do.

FX Labs I'm seriously growing to love, based on the fact that working in lightroom, you can now do layering without always having to go into photoshop. For simple Adjust layers, this is a godsend and can cut my workflow down. "instatone" while not bulletproof really cuts down tone-matching a set of photos together.

It really polishes the use of other topaz plugins, in my opinion which are far more mechanical when compared to say Nik plugins.

Nik's polish does come at a cost though. Where you can alter the sharpening and virtually every feature of Adjust / B&W Effects, you can't do the same with Nik.

Your sharpening is limited to "structure" or "fine structure"'s predetermined values.

The one program of theirs I've demo'd and haven't valued enough to purchase is their B&W effects. I feel Nik's strongest program is Silver Efx Pro, the advantage of B&W effects is its Adjust-like features that it has. If you own Adjust, I think it's better ot simply use adjust before loading it into Silver Efx Pro.

If it were a 1/1 comparison of just using B&W effects vs just using Silver Efx Pro, I'd be harder pressed to make the decision. This isn't the case though.

Denoise is another of Topaz's plugins that I really enjoy. Aside from DxO's Pro Optic's (which isn't a plugin, obviously) I haven't seen much cleaner NR, once you've taken the time to create presets for your particular camera.

Overall, they have great (powerful) products that at times have to be tightly harnessed to not overcook images, particularly true with Adjust. The only downside is it's (typically) not as a user-friendly as Nik's software... FX Labs seems to break the mold for Topaz in this regard.

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