Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Of 22mm f/2 envy ... not

captura wrote:

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that the Sigma 30 (and the 19) were identical and designed for use with both m43 and Sony NEX systems. The only difference being in the mount portion of these lenses, of course. The variation beteen the NEX and m43 lens system requirements should be far greater than the small variation in requirements between NEX7 sensor and other NEX sensors.

The m43 owners also perceived an unfair evaluation of Roger Cicala's tests of another Leica lens; the very popular Panaleica m43 lens 25mm f1.4. Not for me to say.

You raise a good point. M4/3 sensor's handling of incident light rays aren't any better than NEX's, but the sensor is smaller, so the Sigma 30 was likely designed with the larger format in mind, but I don't believe that lens has any Zone B dips. The Sigma 30 isn't particularly awesome on m4/3, because m4/3 lenses require more lens resolution on m4/3 than NEX lenses do on NEX, but it is pretty great on NEX. It would be interesting to compare the MTF of the Sigma 30 on the G1X compared to the 5N in the center, since they have the same pixel count.

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