How bad is the 14-42 mk I that bundles with the E-PL1?

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Re: How bad is the 14-42 mk I that bundles with the E-PL1?

Marcos Villaroman wrote:


I just bought a refurb E-PL1 kit from Cameta for $190. I figured it was a cheap way to play with m43 and see if it's worth investing into it.

I'm reading that the the 14-42 kit lens has "Potential shake problems 35-42mm at 1/100 to 1/200 sec due to "loose" barrel construction" at sites such as

Doing quick searches, I see a number of people upgrading to the mk II version. I'm hesitating do so right now because I think buying a VF-2 and an adapter so that I can use some of my Canon primes might be a better way to go.

So the question: Do you feel that the 14-42 mk I is so bad that I should immediately upgrade to the mk II? Have people been able to work around the problem? [It's going to be interesting seeing how well I adjust to the controls of the PL1 as it is]


Hey, congratulations on your purchase. I just bought the EPL-1 from Amazon and it came with a 14-42 mm lens. I have heard some about problems with this lens, but I also know there are several versions out there on the market. My question is how can I tell which generation of 14-42 lens came with my camera? And secondly, how can I tell if I have a problem with my lens? I haven't noticed anything abnormal and I've been working with the camera for a week. I'm curious to find out so that I can return the camera before Amazon's return policy forces me to deal with the factory, which I'm told has not acknowledged that there is any problem with this lens and I don't even want to get into it with them. The back and forth is not worth the stress. I'd rather deal with Amazon Customer Service who is straight forward. Thank you for your answers.
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