Which lens would you buy first?

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Re: Which lens would you buy first?

At least on FX I have not found a good candidate as far as a zoom for landscape at the UWA - WA range. The 14-24 is an excellent zoom, but suffers from lack of filter threads.

Yes, you can add a filter assembly, but that really gets clunky.

The 24-70 does not perform well at the lower end.

I have evaluated the Tokina 16-28mm, which is not really bad, but it does not replace the 14-24 as far as IQ goes (it's close).

At about 20mm the Zeiss 21mm is the reigning king, but costly.

The new Nikkor 28mm f/1.8 looks interesting.

While it is nice to have a zoom for the ability to get that perfect framing, you pay for that in image quality or lack of filters. It only gets worse when you are trying to squeeze the best out of a D800, your choices dwindle quickly.

However, I am open to suggestions.

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