Any good sports cameras soon?

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Philip Kendall
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Re: Any good sports cameras soon?

BobT wrote:

Youth hockey arenas are nortorious for having only average to below average lighting. So, until now, that's been a job for the DSLR and appropriately fast lens.

And don't expect that to change any time soon - you're always going to need bigger and heavier kit to capture more light.

Now, you folks have mentioned the newer Panny and Sony as having the shortest shutter lag times on the market right now. But will they be handle the hockey situation requiring also reliable higher ISO settings?

From the sound of it, shutter lag isn't your (biggest) problem. The Sony HX200 won't be significantly (if at all) better than your SX40 at high ISO. The Panasonic FZ200 will be significantly better (around 2 stops) at max zoom ; however, if you're shooting youth hockey, I suspect you won't be using anything like the max zoom, at which point the advantage is a lot less - you can compare the f/2.8 of the FZ200 with whatever the SX40 can manage at the focal lengths you care about to work out the sums yourself (or we can help you if you need it :-))

Regarding the Nikon mirrorless........unfortunately I am unfamiliar with these cameras after hearing that they fell short in a lot of users eyes. It's common to have the first productions of newer systems fall short. And it's not until a few later generations, do the manufactures actually "get it right". At least that's the drift I'm getting about the new Nikons. Am I misinformed?

I don't think anyone other than a real Nikon fanboy would claim the J1/V1 are flawless cameras. However, one of the areas where their feature set works out pretty well is as a small(er) camera for sports shooting - the phase-detection autofocus and large sensor (relative to your SX40) means their quite well suited to this kind of thing... but don't expect them to be nearly as good as your SLR. "I canna break the laws of physics, cap'n", to quote a well known engineer.

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