Which lens would you buy first?

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Re: Which lens would you buy first?

I like the 14-24 as a start. I bought one for the d700 but also used it on the d7000 while I was between the d700 and d800. Its a nice wide angle, not ultra wide, on DX. It is a bit big and weird on the camera at first though, I must admit.

Before the 17-35, nikon had a 20-35. The 14-24 provides a similar FOV (21-36) and is arguably well-rounded on DX.

Going off topic...

I'm rationalizing here for you a bit though. As others state, I'm not a huge fan of the trinity for DX. Although you'd have 14-200 covered seamlessly and awesomely, no specific lens covers midrange very well. You probably don't want to be switching between the 14-24 and 24-70 regularly and having to carry them both everywhere. Generally you could get away with either, but you just don't end up with a ton of flexibility (while carrying around heavy zooms!).

Obviously, I could be way off based on your preferences.

For my personal taste, I'd go 17-55 + 70-200 because the 17-55 would be usable for 99%. I'd take the savings and buy a 28/1.8 and maybe an UWA prime or zoom.

If you see FX in your future, I think you're on the right track!

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