Best RX100 feature: don't have to buy 10 "must buy" m4/3 lenses

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Re: The RX100 looks like a great camera, BUT ....

NZ Scott wrote: won't replace my M43 kit. Here's why:

1) The RX100 doesn't go wide enough for me. I like to shoot wide and ultrawide landscape scenes.

It goes VERY wide .. panoramic in fact! (This is sadly one of the reasons why I wanted it .. being able to get super wide panoramas in relatively low light from a compact camera.)

4) The RX100 is not capable of long telephoto shots.

No, but it does give you an excuse to get very close to elephants!

(Note that at the long end, it's not a super fast lens either, but I figure I mainly need super fast for indoor shots, and they tend to be very wide.)

5) The RX100 is not as good in low light.

I've been impressed so far with it in low light, but of course it has a sensor size trade-off.

6) I can upgrade my m43 system by throwing away a body and keeping the lenses, but if I want to upgrade the RX100 I will have to throw away the body and lens.

Fortunately, it costs less than a decent m43 lens! (But it's still an overpriced camera, because it has no direct competition.)

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