How bad is the 14-42 mk I that bundles with the E-PL1?

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Re: Do NOT upgrade your lens

NZ Scott wrote:

Whether or not it's a great lens should be irrelevant to your next purchasing decision. Sure the alternatives are better, but they are only a little bit better. The later-model Panasonic and Olympus kit zooms are a bit sharper and quicker to focus, but they not any brighter (typically in the f3.5-5.6 range) so you're not really getting much of an upgrade.

Instead, I suggest you buy a zoom that covers different focal lengths (eg. the excellent-value Olympus M. Zuiko 40-150) or buy a good standard prime (such as the Panasonic 20/1.7) to give you an option for situations when you are dealing with low light or want to maximise your image quality.

I agree with your advice as well as ChinaM43User and others.

When I started this thread, I was fishing for strong opinions against the original kit lens or in favor of the mk II version. I was staring at an offer for a used mk II for $80.

Thankfully the strong consensus is that while the newer model is better, it's not so much so that I need to go in that direction.

I went ahead and bought a Panasonic 45-200 zoom. Didn't research how well it stacks up to the Olympus offerings, but, a buddy of mine is buying a used GH1 and I figured I could loan this lens to him.

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