How bad is the 14-42 mk I that bundles with the E-PL1?

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Trying to Decide on Options.

MadsR wrote:

Large prints are anything where you get get below roughly 300dpi to cover the entire area from the sensor output, so for my E-P1 anything at or above 10" x 15" small prints are the photo album ones, (So basically 3" by 4") medium is anything in between... Largest print I have done so far from my E-P1 is 100x100cm (40" by 40" or so) which takes quite abit of work to make look ok...

Large prints is below 300 dpi? Does sound like a good definition today. I remember when 2 MP sensors were common, 300 dpi was plenty for 4"x6".

Pixel peeping are for gearheads and fanbois... Down to around 200dpi from normal viewing distance you will not see the pixels, so it does not matter...

Looking at everything at the pixel level seems to be the lazy way of evaluating. You don't have to factor in what can be done in post processing and how the image will be used to decide "what's good enough".

It'll be interesting to see how easy I can change aperture to avoid that 1/100 to 1/200 or so shutter speed range for times where I want to maximize sharpness.

On the E-P1 is is a flick with my thumb, since the bottom wheel control the aperture

sigh I thought hard about buying the PL1 despite the lack of a wheel. I'm trying to keep the cost of this experiment down so that it doesn't impact my gear budget. So I went for the PL1 anyway. Not having had the chance to play with a P1 or another body with bottom wheel, I was worried that I would accidentally operate the wheel. I had this problem with my Canon G11 --- that wheel was right where the palm of my hand would rest and move by accident.

FWIW, I got a budget of roughly $1300 on photo gear left for the year. Here's what I had on my list right:

1. Canon EOS-M w/ both lens and the EF adapter. I sincerely doubt I'll buy the EOS-M because it's too expensive for an entry level body without EVF, but, I held out in (vain) hopes that Canon could put a mirrorless camera that I would buy.

2. Tamron 24-70/2.8 for my DSLR. If I decide not to seriously take the mirrorless plunge now

3. Sony NEX 7. I'd do it for the big sensor, but, I'm not liking the lens AF capable lens selection.
4. Olympus OM-D with 12-50 kit lens

5. Punt. Stick with the E-PL1 and buy a prime or two (initially thinking about the Pany 25mm/1.4 and a 45mm) over the next year.
6. Punt. Buy an expensive P&S like the Canon G1X or Sony RX100.

Option #1 is out. I'm not personally enthusiastic about option #3. I might do Option #2 now and #5 a little later (i.e., once my shoulder gives out from carrying all of that DSLR weight).

Playing with the PL1 is making me less enthusiastic about Option #6 (I got a S95 for a small P&S).

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