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Re: Nokia 808 Pureview reviiew

Thanks for the review. Always interesting to hear other users.

Some remarks.

1. My source ( ) says the ND filter is 3 stops, not 2 stops.

2. In 16:9 mode you use maximum of 34 Mp, not 41 Mp.

3. In the comparison with the 8 Mp mode you mention 41 Mp but it's max 34 in 16:9 or 38 in 4:3.

4. You say "that for most purposes there is no noticable difference between the 41 Mp and the 8 "binned pixels" except less noise in the latter in low light". Well, I can tell you after about 1000 shots with this phonecam there is a huge difference between them. The detail sharpness of the full resolution pictures significantly exceeds that of the 8 Mp pictures.

5. By pressing 2 seconds on the screen you also can chose close-up and landscape (infinity) in all the C(ustom) settings. So there is a lot of different resolutions available and not only the default as you say.

6. After awaking the camera with the button it don't come back in default as you say but it comes back in the last used settings. And you can change everything then.

7. You did not mention the possiblity to zoom with the top left (hard) button.

Nice to notice that you also found many things you liked.

It's my experience that it takes relative a lot of time and shots to fully explore all the features of the Nokia 808 PureView. (a.o. bracketing, manual exposure compensation, time lapse and the various image settings)

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