Epson 7890 refillable cartridges

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Re: Epson 7890 refillable cartridges

guidodg wrote:

I am about to order an Epson 7890 large format printer for printing fine art photography.

This suggests that archival qualities are important to your product.

There are no third party ink suppliers that routinely submit their products for independent archival testing the way Epson does. That is not a concern for printing flyers, brochures, text documents, and other items where longevity is not a primary concern. But when high quality photography is the product, OEM inks are worth the price.

Can anyone give some advice on whether I should stick to original Epson ink cartridges or perhaps try some aftermarket ones...perhaps even refillable ones?

On a secondary level, what advantage is there to a refillable cartridge compared to the 350ml standard cartridges?

The Epson 7890 uses 8 inks and supposedly an average print uses about 1.5ml per square foot... which means that 8 each 350ml cartridges can yield about 1866 square feet of print. A 40 foot roll of canvas is 80 square feet, so that would be 23 rolls, conservatively!

You'll need to be a very busy printer to see any economy in buying ink in quantities larger than 350ml per cartridge!

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