Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

maimou wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

maimou wrote:

Reality check:

  • DSLRs are still growing

  • DSLRs have more potential than some point&shoots or those GXR modules

  • Pentax also have mirrorless

In terms of market share, aren't combined dSLR sales actually shrinking?

Isn't the mirrorless market share eating into dSLR market share... especially in critical markets such as Japan?

There is no doubt that Pentax make fantastic dSLR cameras - and the limited primes are renowned.

The K-5 is simply brilliant (and no doubt the replacement for the K-5 will be superb), but doubling sales in a market that is shrinking is going to be very difficult.

Yes, Pentax has mirrorless, but let's face it, they have not been market successes.
The market has spoken and it does not like the K-01 or Q.

Pentax will have to totally re-think its mirrorless strategy if it wants to double sales as this will be the growth market for the next few years.
I think the extraordinary growth of M4/3 proves this point.

I would love the see Pentax join M4/3 and release a competitor to the OM-D (I'm sure Pentax could make a really competitive body and lenses).

Alternatively, Pentax could release a "Micro K" mount mirrorless system with a sensor equivalent in size to the M4/3 sensor and a range of compact lenses to match (with an adapter to allow legacy K mount lens to be mounted with functional AF).

With a proper mirrorless strategy, Pentax could still achieve its goals.

Firstly, market share may be shrinking but that doesn't mean the market is shrinking. Apple's market share of tablets is probably shrinking a little but their sales are exploding right along with it.

Mathematically, you are correct... however your example may not be ideal.
Tablets are a relatively new market with lots of growth.
DSLR is a mature market without the same growth.

He is correct, mathematically or not. If the sales volume is growing, that's growth - even if MILCs are growing faster. But even this is not entirely relevant; since in theory a company could double their sales volume even in a shrinking market.

For Pentax, it would be much easier than you think: because they will finally put substantial effort into it (i.e. they were held back until now, unable to perform at their best).

About M4/3 -- is it successful because of the sensor size and mount or because people like the cameras? I think it's the latter and a testament to the nice job Olympus and Panasonic have done designing MILCs. I don't see any magic in the format itself so I question why Pentax/Ricoh would have to join that fray to be a contender in MILCs. Now if a robust third-party lens market takes off for M4/3 I suppose that could be a boost.

You are right, there is no magic to M4/3.

What M4/3 offers is near dSLR quality at a much lighter system weight (when including lenses etc).
It think that is the real appeal of M4/3.

For Pentax, m4/3 is a competitor. Joining a competitor isn't something that will easily happen, and Pentax definitely won't do it.

Actually... the 3rd party lens market is taking off with M4/3.
Nokton, Sigma, Samyang, Schneider just to name a few.

Pentax is not a 3rd-party lens maker, and should not become one.


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