LX7 sensor is from sony?

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Re: LX7 sensor is from sony?

Jimmyjoebob wrote:

Pretty funny if true, because this means that before the RX100 had been unveiled and subsequently took the serious compact world by storm, one Sony guy was telling Panasonic "this here 1.7 sensor will make your upcoming LX7 a serious contender" while the cybershot team was in the lab making the RX100 and saying "I can't believe those fools over at Panasonic think such a small sensor will sell many cameras."

If you've ever dealt with Sony at a corporate level you will learn that its right hand rarely knows what its left hand is doing.

However, there had to be some guys at the imaging sensor division chuckling over all of this over beers at night.

Of course, IBM did the same thing to Sony when it was developing the processors for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 at the same time in the same team.

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