Mini-Review: GGS Hard Glass Protector for the Nikon J1

Started Aug 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Mini-Review: GGS Hard Glass Protector for the Nikon J1

Jared Huntr wrote:

You need a better source for the film protector. That one looks so bumpy...I would question the optical clarity.

I buy glass-smooth protectors for Ipads for $2 and cut them to size. The adhesive and stiffness of the material is such that it is virtually impossible to have bubbles. To remove large bubbles, just lift up and re-apply. Small bubbles disappear over time.

That one is a Zagg. I don't use film protectors if I can help it. No choice on my tablet and phone, but for my cameras - plastic or glass LCD protectors, all the way. It was there mostly because I was waiting for the GGS to show up.

The optical clarity was more than sufficient in the Zagg case - it was just the PITA application process, the appearance of the film and the dubious nature of protection that was really objectionable.

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