Leaving EXR behind?

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Re: But giving up dynamic range? No, thanks.

expressivecanvas wrote:

Fujifilm's SuperCCD SR II got far better results than any EXR sensor and was far less confusing to use.

EXR can't die fast enough IMO.

I agree. The dynamic range of my S100FS (Fujifilm’s 8th generation 2/3” Super CCD sensor with 11 Megapixels, third generation RP III processor) is nothing to complain about and impressive for a bridge camera... even today... many years after it's last production run. And, it was/is simple to use!

The complexities of using the EXR sensor negatively impact and far outweigh any (if any) noticeable advances in dynamic range.


I am curious to see what Fujifilm can do with 2/3" 16MP or 24MP EXR sensors. I am already impressed by what is possible with my 2/3" 12MP EXR.

CMOS is here to stay as long as people care about burst capture rates, HD recording, and as long as manufacturers care about profits (since CMOS is only a single chip).

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