Please explain advantage of using IE for browser.

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Re: Please explain advantage of using IE for browser.

I for once use IE9 on W7, always have used IE and am very happy with it.

This polarization around browsers (and other products) feel quite silly to me, I have tried FF and Chrome, and unless you are on a very old and slow machine, there is no meaningful difference to me.

Using IE I minimize the number of programs installed on my machine, and I maximize windows compatibility. I am one of these people who is happy with Microsoft in general (I know this is not “popular”) but W7, Security Essential and IE give me total satisfaction.

I am kind of amused and saddened sometimes at the polarized positions people take about software and products like Mac vs PC, IE vs FF etc… I find these arguments most of the time blown out of proportion and fairly meaningless.

At the end of the day these various choices will not change your life (or you may want to reexamine what your life is about), pick what you like and be happy with it, no need to make a mountain out of the ant hill

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