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The F5 is the best

35mm film camera you can get if you want speed, durability, precision. that is, if it's in good condition. Maybe the F6, its successor, is a bit better, but I've never tried one, and it's a lot more expensive.

If you are ready for a camera that big and heavy for 'only' 5 focus points (but lighting fast AF) you can't really get better on mettering, overall reliability and robustness. Ergonomically it's also near excellent. My only complaints about the F5 are the lack of front/rear dials in the vertical grip and the not so luminous AF points in darker conditions (the F100 is better in this latter point).

I also own the D200 and I can tell you that, although the F5 (a 1996 camera!) has only 5 AF points, it runs circles around the D200. It makes me think that sometimes we get fooled by the big brands, in believing that the latter tech is always better.

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