used 16-35 or new 16-35 II?

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Re: Review of new 16-35 II

I have to wait a bit, because the only copy at my store had a focusing problem so they sent it in repairing and I have to wait until september or late august.

now, time to make some other considerations....

my problem is that I need a wider, faster lens.... BUT, there is another way: 5d mkIII or 1DX.

at the moment I can't afford to buy an 1dx, but I can buy a 5d3 where my 24-105 will be wide enough for my uses, and with the better high iso capability of 5d3 over my 1d3, I shall compensate the stop of light between the 16-35 2.8 and 24-105 f4.

In the other hand, a lens is forever (like diamonds - and costing almost like diamonds), whichever body I will buy, any lens will last longer (I hope).

any suggestions? shall I remain with only one pro body and better lenses or my actual lenses and another pro body?

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