Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

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Re: Can Pentax double its sales in one year -- the goal of its President

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Documensony wrote:

Nagas wrote:

I think that Pentax name can disappear after few years... [...] Seems, that Ricoh buy Pentax because of selling channels for own products, not to keep Pentax name alive.

Ricoh appears to have intentions of maintaining a camera business and so they bolted on Pentax to gain gravitas in every way - R&D, products, marketing, sales.

It would be highly unlikely, however, if Ricoh would keep using the Pentax name for more than a few years ... everything will have to be Ricoh over time.

It would be highly unlikely if they would give up using the Pentax name; since they're making efforts on strengthening it.

It's much to early to say that.

Camera business id very much a 'embassy'-business for Ricoh - a part of the company that exposes the brand name and its qualities to a broader public, leading the way for its business machines (the core product range within Ricoh).

Ricoh is not a "brand killer"; by the way isn't Savin still alive?

There are many ways of taking over a business and how to deal with the brand issues.

In this case, Pentax imaging was much bigger than Ricoh's camera business, so from start and for many reasons Ricoh had to join the camera forces under the Pentax hat/management.

If Ricoh is a patient owner, they will now isolate the Pentax brand and let it slowly implode. Say, DSLRs will be branded Pentax, all other cameras will be Ricoh. Since DSLRs are not expected to be a growth segment, and since most development these days are in other segments, the relative importance of the Pentax brand will gradually decrease, and some day it will cometo a point where it's only logical to make everything Ricoh.

In the long run, Ricoh will not invest in a camera business that promote anything but the Ricoh brand.

I don't see any problem in using the Pentax brand. Ricoh is not Sony.

I will not make sense for Ricoh to invest long term (more than 3-5 years) in another company's brand. Won't happen.

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