Keep Nex 7 & CZ24mm or keep 60D & 24-105L?

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Re: Keep Nex 7 & CZ24mm or keep 60D & 24-105L?

Not sure howivh this will help, as but just for the ske of conversation... I went from the 60D and 15-85+ 35mm f2, to the Nex-7 and the Zeiss 24mm.

I've still got the Canon, but I use the Nex more, mainly because it is small and light - the reason I bought it. I love the Zeiss, but it is a bit wide at times. Ideally, I'd have preferred a similar quality and speed, at 35mm. But you can't any have everything. That said, with 24mp, it gives plenty to crop if I need to.

Bear in mind, I mainly shoot street/urban photography.

It's hard to compare systems and lenses in my opinion. The Zeiss is lovely - maybe not as sharp as the Canon 35mm, but it has other qualities - or character, if you will. It has a certain 'depth', if that makes any sense? The Nex also has a different 'feel' to its photographs. A bit more 'grainy' (in a good way, in my opinion).

As I say, not really answered your query, but just my experience. .

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