The Nex 6 Is Coming

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Re: The Nex 6 Is Coming

Peiasdf wrote:

Why lowering the EVF's resolution? SONY is the one pushing EVF technology as replacement for OVF and if they keep lowering the resolution (A57, NEX-6), people will hold on to OVF longer. As it stands, SONY have nothing on Nikon and Canon's FF OVF.

There are some reasons to go for lower resolution:
1. Price, you can lower the price of your Nex6
2. To differnciate the Nex 6 from the Nex 7 (you want to sell both)

The argument Sony has nothing that is comparable with the FF OVF from Canon and Nikon you are rigt, but the price of those cameras are not comparable with the Nex6 (when the rumors are right) So you should compare them with the APSS sized cameras in the same price class.

And then you will see that the OVFs have some strong points and the EVF (Even the one that has a lower res) have other strong points.

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