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Re: D800E AF saga

No real new information, but I was corresponding with the service supervisor, who asked what I would consider a plausible resolution to this issue. I responded as follows:

Thanks for responding so promptly. I didn't have your email address. Sorry about the roundabout route.

I know you and your team have been doing the best you can. It seems Nikon service centers around the world have been trying to get the AF consistent from left to right on the D800 - not always successfully. I wanted to write to let you know I was pleasantly surprised that my Tamron 90mm macro and the 70-200 VRII work very well with my replacement camera. Both require zero AF fine tuning and AF points left to right work.

The 24-70 I tested in your office still shows some backfocus on the left AF points. At home I measured a -15 AF fine tune to bring it back to sharp performance. But I will leave this lens at zero AF fine tune and use only the center and right PDAF points.

Performance on the 14-24 was surprising. This lens was the reason I brought my first D800E in for service. There was again extreme backfocus on the left AF points. At 10 feet I have sharp focus more than 10 feet behind the target. The center and right points also have some backfocus (this lens was serviced by your shop a few months ago - not sure why). But the center and right points can be brought into line with a -15 AF lens fine tune adjustment.

So I will work around these limitations. Otherwise the camera is great. I just wanted to let you know my experience. It's a complete mystery to me why, but the camera doesn't completely work as advertised on all lenses. I was hoping to be updated in the event a reliable solution becomes available to correct for these characteristics. I think you will agree that the camera should be able to AF using the left points on a wide angle lens at more than room distances.

If I had to blue sky a solution, I could imagine Nikon making a general announcement that some D800 cameras behave similar to above (the problem is clearly wide spread). That Nikon has a simple solution (that doesn't require so much time that technicians are essentially rebuilding the camera), and this fix can be consistently applied to make all AF point work with all Nikon lenses.

I'm sure this issue has brought no joy to either affected owners or Nikon. Many, myself included, are taking a wait and see approach. I hope Nikon comes up with a plausible resolution.


Reimar Gaertner

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