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Can I once again thank you all for your messages and for inspiring me to be confident in my camera. Yes I was initially dissapointed but for the past couple of days I've played about a bit more, read up a lot on the settings and noticed a few things.

  • Firstly the PC monitor I'm viewing images on is crap which doesnt help so thats gotta go.

  • Secondly my first shots were indoor and low light situations which I see now required a flash and this is why they appeared hazy/blurry/noisy.

  • Thirdly when I did use a flash I possibly had the wrong setting selected which caused the photo to become overexposed and look too bright.

  • Fourth it's taking time to learn about the zoom and how close I can zoom on an object before it becomes unable to focus on it i.e. flowers (initially I thought I could zoom all the way into the centre and that the camera would easily focus on it). I need to play about more with this as well as the macro settings.

  • Fifth the camera is so sensitive and so fast it will focus on anything in an instant therefore when taking a photo I must ensure that what I want in focus is correct and that the camera hasnt focused on something in the background i.e. the wall or a tree etc.

  • Lastly the burst mode in zoom isnt as quick as I'd thought therefore movement still becomes blurry as the shutter speed isnt fast enough.

Hopefully what I've said makes sense but if anyone has any tips then or further advice it would be greatly received. Obviously I still have a lot more to learn but the past week has been eye opening and I'm now enjoying the experience of playing and working out what the camera can do.

Below are a few images I've taken over the past day or so which I think image quality wise have come out great. Before anyone says...I'm not in anyway saying that these are "good photos", they are simply test shots to view the image quality and what the camera is capable of in my hands. Most are close up shots which I enjoy taking and want to do more of. Hopefully over the next few days, weeks, months and years I'll learn more and produce some amazing photos!

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