Is 24-70 II worth the price

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So, I fulfill your prequisites, and assure you ...

So, I fulfill your prequisites (I use a 5D mk III and 24-70L, among many others), and assure you that the other posters are correct.

Oh, and keep in mind:

f2.0 on crop is about the same as f3.2 on FF (DOF wise). And 2.8 on crop would be the same as f4.5 on FF.

So if you want to get away with the (DOF wise) equivalence of f2.8 and ISO 1600 on crop, you'll have to use f4.5 on a FF with ISO at about ISO 4000. If you want to increase the shutter speed from 1/125s to 1/160s, you'll end up with SIO 6400.

ISO 6400 is NOT pretty on a 5d mk III, when viewed 100%, most probably the same as ISO 1600 on crop. (Actually, if you believe DXOMark, ISO 1600 on a 7D is better than ISO 6400 on a 5D mk III).

So, alltogether, for your intended use, IQ-wise there will not be much of a difference, especially you are not looking for the shallow DOF a FF can provide (you stated, that f2.0 aon a crop(!) is too thin for you).

Also you stated, that you are very good at flash-usage, but that you did not like the results. Well, could be, but a really good flash usage, and controlled sourrounding (your house) you can get far better looking photos WITH flash, if you know what you are doing. (Well, more than one flash, gel you flashes. DO NOT directly point it to your subject ...)---especially since you are complaining about to little light.

AF on the new 5d mk III is stellar (regardless of some comparisons newly propagated). You actually can now use the off-center points (compared to the older 5D versions).

So, to make this long story short:

  • If you want to buy, buy it.

  • If you do not want to hear the opinion of others, don't ask.

  • Or, (the best alternative) take the good suggestions which were given to you (by others, not me---I'm only ranting here) and try those out. Then decide if you need the new gear (perhaps even rent it beforehand, and see, if it really makes the difference).

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