Winter Wedding - Brides wants 20% discount

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a different way to value your work

While i don't know the exact budgets of the couples I work for, I can come pretty close.

How much, as a percentage of their total budget/money spent, do you think the photographer should get?

5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, more?

I know, you want $5000. But if the wedidng costs $100k you're not getting nearly as much of their overall money as if it cost $15k.

So I view the percentage, more so than the absolute dollar, as how much they value you and your work.

According to this

If a bride gets the whole deal - eSession, shoot, album, prints, files she's spending 12.1% of her wedding budget on photography.

OK...I rarely sell an eSession so that should be lower for me. Do you sell albums? Most photogs don't these days so again, this percentage would be lower for you/them as well, approx 10.4%.

For most of my weddings I'm getting 15% - last wedding was about 20% and for my next wedding I'm prolly close to 30% ($2250 and there's only 10 guests total at a bed and breakfast for 4 hours).

A precentage takes your markets prices into account.

And from talking to vendors here these survey figures are quite close to what brides are spending here.

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