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Re: I couldn't agree LESS

rlpruitt wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Is that while people rip this guy and the camera apart he's quietly going about his business producing excellent images that stand on their own in the area that really matters - composition.

Compare the photos in question with these...

I think the lot of these photos (taken with an iPhone BTW) are much better at the "things that matter" (composition, lighting, subject matter, captured action, etc.) than those taken by our Panasonic "pro".

If ever there was a thread that sums up what is often wrong about this forum then this is it. He's clearly a very talented photographer, applaud his compositions instead of slamming things that really don't matter to the vast majority of people outside of here.

I agree, sort of. I disagree with that reasoning in that the "vast majority of people" out there are snap-shooters and don't have a clue about what makes a good-to-great photograph. On the other hand, folks on this forum are interested in taking quality photographs, which include images that are technically excellent as well as aesthetically awesome. I don't think the shots in question meet either criteria.


Hi Ralph,

iPhone 4s photographer is doing his job. He is pulling all the stops. Kudos to Mr. Dan Chung!

I've expected at least something like that from Panasonic photographer.

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