Nikon FF-user loving his E-M5 (12 pics)

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Re: Nikon FF-user loving his E-M5 (12 pics)

EJ_D wrote:

I can't tell you how many times over the last two weeks i have struggled with the same decision. I have had both a Nikon set of gear and a M 4/3 set of gear for a couple of years now. I got the EM5 in late April and have been so tempted to dump all my DSLR gear. I have a very full set of lenses for each system. I only use my DSLR for paying jobs and that is only a couple of times a month. Hardly worth keeping it for. I am 1.5 features away from going full time M4/3.

.5) Continuous AF - I do a lot of action photography and the continuous AF is lacking for sure. I could probably even live without it for now. I think another iteration or two and this will be a non issue. Nikon has proven with the V1 it can be done on a contrast based system.

1) Radio TTL/ High speed sync - I do a lot of location based portrait sessions and use High Speed Sync outdoors all the time. The TTL on the Olympus system works fine but it is line of sight. I can do all manual with radio triggers but then it limits me to sync speed. This is the key issue for me.

If pocket wizard made TTL triggers for Olympus (which is doubtful due to the size of the current user base) I would have my stuff on ebay in a second. I am still very tempted but I have kind of hung my hat on small strobe lighting for my portraiture and am apprehensive to just forego that option.

Hi Ed:-)

Those are two very valid reasons! Unfortunately I think you are right regarding PW ever spitting out any Oly triggers unless the OM-D line really attracts a large crowd of (semi) pros over time.

Regarding AF, I think you are right in that we will se C-AF catching up over time. I'm already amazed that they can do S-AF that quickly with contrast detection. I remember only a couple of years ago when contrast detection was slower than melasses in winter ...

My wish for fast supertele is in some ways connected to this issue. A sports/birding/wildlife tele will only sell enough to warrant production if the camera has the C-AF to go with it.

BTW, Those are some GREAT natural light portraits - you seem to be enjoying the GX1:-)

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