Travelling light - first trip with just the G3

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Re: Travelling light - first trip with just the G3

Going to Europe in a couple of weeks time. Spain, Italy, (Rome, Dolomites), Austria.

On my previous overseas trips I was carrying my trusted but heavy/bulky K200D and DA16-45.

Recently I decided to try something lighter, so I bought the G3 (very good value now), 14-45 and 45-175. Yes you can take nice sharp pictures with the m43 gear, but noisy. Yes, NOISY. Even at 160ISO some pics are noisy compared to my DSLR. And the K200D is not the best there is in DSLR.

And the EVF? It is not much enjoyment to take pictures with an EVF. It is a function, chore. Very technical. The colours are bad. The feeling just isn't there.

What will I take with me Europe? All of it. Emirates gives me 30kg allowance. Then a day-by-day decision.

Some people treat travel as an opportunity to take a few family snapshots. But for me, going to Alhambra, St Peter's, the Dolomites etc are photo opportunities of lifetime that demand the best gear I have.

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