Pro shooter/Panasonic G5 and Sports (Olympics)

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Re: Pro shooter/Panasonic G5 and Sports (Olympics)

PerL wrote:

CharlesTokyo wrote:

Another photographer shot the Olympics with a 8x10 eight years ago. The G5 should be a piece of cake in comparison. Hell, it's better than the digital cameras from eight years ago. The arenas are more brightly lit than ever before. They managed great shots back then. The camera certainly isn't the weak point here.

The weak spot is the format and the lens selection - you simply dont get the tight shallow DOF shots as you do with FF and the super teles. The AF also plays a part.

Every system has its strengths and weaknesses.

The most valuable thing is to know the subjects you are photographing. Only that way you can be in the right spot at the right time.

Knowing your system is the second most valuable thing.

Nevertheless, take a look at his photos at:

Many of them have EXIF data.

It doesn't seem that he is pulling all the stops on this assignment. Which is a pity!

I am rather disappointed, but not in the system - I am disappointed in the photographer. He should be better than this. He must be better than this regardless of equipment he is using.

I doubt that he had an assignment to photograph people without showing their faces. But, I might be wrong.

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