D800 - high values of AF fine-tune...

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Re: D800 - high values of AF fine-tune...

studio460 wrote:

Interesting. I have similar values: -20 on all of my Nikkor lenses, except, a +15 for my DC-Nikkor 105mm f/2.0. Perhaps, not too surprising, since it's the first non-AF-S lens I've tested. But, oddly, my AF-S 60mm Micro-Nikkor needs zero AF fine-tune (so, yeah, go figure!). You wouldn't happen to have an AF-S 60mm Micro as well, for comparison, do you?

My AF Fine Tune values are all over the place.

20-35 2.8 AFD: -20 (consistent throughout zoom)
24 2.8 AF: -16
50 1.4 AFD: -2
60 2.8 AFD: -17
85 1.8 AFD: -17
180 2.8 AFD: +3

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