Is this Sony Forum Intimidating to you?

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Re: Is this Sony Forum Intimidating to you?

Robsphoto wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

Robsphoto wrote:

I agree with the above observations. For example, I am amazed at the continuing A77 low-light controversy and the enthusiastic, if not intimidating, approach taken by some defenders of the faith who go to incredible lengths to "win the battle" against anyone who dares question whether a 24mp APS-C camera can match the low-light performance of a 16mp APS-C camera!

Even the best and largest camera site in the world (well it has to be DPR doesn't it) is taken to task by these noble defenders of the faith who do a good job against the "trolls", but sometimes are a bit intimidating to genuine potential buyers of the A77 or A65, who are told that if you downscale all your A77 low-light images to 16mp everything will be hunky dory! I could go on and on but I already have.....

They more than once presented visual proof rather than unproven theories, such as yours.

When I have posted "theories", particularly on very complex matters, I have always given internet links to source material from people who are regarded as experts on the topics, so this material could seldom be regarded as "unproven"!

As to "visual proof", I have learned a lot, for example, from the material presented in expert DPR reviews and also the material posted by users of the cameras being discussed. I like to look at many different sources when deciding whether to buy a new camera, so I do appreciate the comparisons posted by Troj and others. However, I also have confidence in the DPR reviews and comparisons.

This is what dpreview conclude on the 24MP vs the 16MP sensors:

The inevitable conclusion from this is that, if you compare images as a whole rather than at the pixel level, the NEX-7's low light, high ISO performance is essentially a match for the NEX-5N's. So overall the increased pixel count delivers potentially more detail at low ISO, without any obvious negative impact on high ISO image quality.

So, although their testing protocols can be rightfully questioned, they actually support the notion that they are equally good sensors at low exposures. So does quantitative measurements at DXOmark of course.

But, I suppose this is not really the topic of this thread.



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