Is this Sony Forum Intimidating to you?

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Re: Is this Sony Forum Intimidating to you?

The one thing I've come to discover participating in this forum is that many of the most negative people on here really don't know much more than I do, if they even know that much.

I get a little confused about how some of them have the amounts of time they must to make all the postings they do. And how they could be such experts in all the equipment they mention, when I can't afford half of all the stuff they're apparently using.

But, they're easily ignored. It's really pretty easy to ignore people on the Internet. And here at dpreview, you get a special button to ignore whoever you want.

It's much easier to ignore these posters because it's clear they have nothing of value to add to any conversation. And as offensive as some of them commonly are, it's easy to brush off any of there remarks directed at me personally as rantings of people who just don't understand how to be polite.

There are people posting on this forum who really understand how cameras work, and are willing to share that information. It's annoying that you have to filter through so much ramblings to find them, but I guess that's all part of life.

And along with it, there's often someone with some question that I feel I have enough knowledge and experience to answer and attempt to pass on some of that knowledge.

And of course, I'm always amused at someone asking if they should buy the 35mm or 50mm easy choice prime, and someone replies about how they should get a superzoom, followed by someone suggesting they get some M42 helios or comparable lens. oh well.

I am also of the opinion that even a lousy photographer can know cameras very well. Knowing the technical aspects of how to take a picture doesn't mean you're going to produce imagery that anyone else is going to enjoy viewing, it takes a little more. So even without a portfolio of stunning work, there are smart people who really know there cameras and continue using them, cause that's what they enjoy, regardless of how bad the end results.

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