D800 - high values of AF fine-tune...

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Re: D800 - high values of AF fine-tune...

I recently had my D800 looked at by Camera Clinic in Melbourne AU due to left AF focus issues. Seems like they have fixed the left AF problem but all of my lenses require fairly large negative AF Fine Tune values - except one telephoto which front focuses. Go figure.

Here is what they wrote in the repair report:

" Please note: AF lenses will have a slightly different focal point on the new series bodies. All the customer's lenses have slight back focus. We have set up AF Fine Tune in the camera for these as there no (sic) electronic adjustments available.

In some shooting conditions there may be an increase in flare on the new series cameras. This is normal. Stopping down a stop can greatly reduce this if the flare becomes apparent. "

Perhaps a little cryptic - make of it what you want to, or wish!

The worst of my lenses is a 20-35mm 2.8 with AF Fine Tune at -20. My photos are coming out nicely focused though, which is what matters - so I'm not losing sleep over what the number is.

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