WTF, Now Hispanic Americans, Are Being Murdered By "White Police" In California

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Re: ".. the U.N. would send troops to come in .." (Now, I Totally Agree They Should)

BRJR wrote:

And, while they're here, the UN needs to monitor our 2012 Nov Presidential Elections to insure all USA Citizens old enough to vote are in fact allowed to vote. You know, it's a very sorry state of disgraceful, incompetent and imoral government that we need an international organization such as this to monitor and run affairs in our country because we have been so dumb and stupid we have allowed the ugliest elements in the USA: racists police, racists republican-tea party and other such right-wing groups including Koch Brothers, vulture capitalists, the upper 1% and the industrial-military complex and the likes of groups such as FoxNews to hijack our democracy the way they have -- therefore, I agree with you totally that we need help from the international community of more educated and moral nations to come here and straighten the USA out. Heck, we helped them during their times of need, and we sure need their help now.

"Working for God on earth does not pay much, but His Retirement plan is out of this world."

The only voter frauds I have ever heard of were those committed by Clinton and Gore . They actually paid illegal alien foreign invaders to register and vote democratic .

There were tens of thousands of these illegals involved in this voter fraud . I believe the gift of citizenship was part of the bribery deal given by Clinton and Gore , in exchange for their votes .

The really weird about this was that there was never any criminal charges or media attention given to it . Democrat Political Crimes were so plentiful , that nobody even considered it a crime when they handed out Citizenship for votes .

The media was already sold out and controlled by anti America power groups , probably those we call the Illuminati the Burger builders , and other very powerful organizations who want to defeat the American people and all of the American concepts of individual rights and freedoms .

These are almost identical to the liberal Democrats in their belief that the government should hold all power over the people , and never that the government is limited in power and is responsible to the people . These are Tea Party and Conservative beliefs , Not Democrat and not liberal beliefs ,

The Republican party is another enemy of the people , and they are also very anxious to destroy the United States with never limited and never ending invasions of violent and lawless cultures from the south , along with their hate propaganda , their drugs and their violent crime . Even with their growing ambition to defeat and disable police departments and to murder all American police officers in their interest of defending their crime and drug wars on the American people .

The Republicans are not as evil as the Democrats , but they are working for the same destruction of the United States with criminal corruption at all levels of Government , and the complete destruction of the U.S. Constitution just as Obama and his liberal following is currently doing it , with his attacks against the Rights of the American people and his attacks on States Rights to self defense against foreign invasion destruction . Janet Napolitano is Obama's right hand , ( Head of Home Land Give Away to Mexico ) , war general .

Obama would be facing treason charges if the Democrats or the Republicans , ( even one of the two ) either of these could place Obama on trial if either of them had any loyalty to this nation or to the American people .

They obviously do not , and they never allow this to become a subject of attention . They are the same criminals and they both do the same treasons together as a team .

BRJR , what voter fraud , or what voter intimidation are you talking about ? Where is the story ? This isn't just another of your undocumented hate motivated propaganda ploys to bolster your self righteous authority image , is it ?

I would believe there could be voter fraud using false identity and fradulent Social security numbers or the family pit bull , and these could be criminally charged and prosecuted . But I doubt Obama or any Republican has ever done it .

So this no doubt would be the voter intimidation you are fraudulently claiming .

As we Americans should well know , every law in America is racism and every arrest is immigrant intimidation and therefor it is racism ( according to the constant invasion lies and propaganda . This is probably what you also claim is voter intimidation . You seem to get all of your propaganda right from La Raza and the other invasion propaganda groups .

Millions of Americans are hatefully defamed and insulted by this never ending invasion and these same invasion propaganda war lies . Most Americans have heard these lies all of their lives .

It is long past the time for all good Americans to start telling invasion welfare squatters to go home and do your voting in your own countries .

Go home and fix the problems that made you invade this country before you start telling the American citizens how we have to surrender to your hate and lies and your demands for more tax funded welfare support and the end of all law enforcement in our own country .

I already gave and I already paid . It's time to go home now .

You seem to be a little bit nuts , BRJR .


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