Best RX100 feature: don't have to buy 10 "must buy" m4/3 lenses

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Re: The RX100 looks like a great camera, BUT ....

I am very sure you carry all these lenses and camera in your pocket and they occupy same space as rx100 would do.

all that you posted I could shoot with my dSLR nothing special and all those who buy rx100 to carry around are not fools they already know all that you wrote.

NZ Scott wrote: won't replace my M43 kit. Here's why:

1) The RX100 doesn't go wide enough for me. I like to shoot wide and ultrawide landscape scenes.

2) The RX100 doesn't take filters, and I use polarizers, grads and ND filters habitually.

3) The RX100 doesn't shoot macro, which is one of my favourite forms of photography.

4) The RX100 is not capable of long telephoto shots.

5) The RX100 is not as good in low light.

6) I can upgrade my m43 system by throwing away a body and keeping the lenses, but if I want to upgrade the RX100 I will have to throw away the body and lens.

I have little doubt that the RX100 is a great little camera, and if I was in the market for a compact right now then it would be top of my list. But if it can't do the things that I've listed above, then it's not going to replace my m43 system.

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