How long is D800/E Service taking?

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Re: Maybe you will be lucky ... Melville disgrace

Your experience sounds similar to mine. I got mine serviced by El Segundo center for a B2 repair. It took 2 days to get the camera logged into their system, then it spent about 1 week in the shop, so all in all the turn around time is under 2 weeks.

The left focus points do appear to be improved, but the center focus point is much degraded now. On my 24-70mm f/2.8, the center focus needed a -7 AF fine tune before recalibration, but needs a +20 now. But at 30mm and wider it appears to really need a +23 to +25. My other 85mm and 50mm primes all shifted from needing a -6 to a +7 now.

Anyway, contacting Nikon to try to send the camera in again. I noticed I had sent in the camera with AF fine tune values saved even though I disabled AF Fine tune. This time I will put all saved values to zero just in case. Seriously though I feel everyone (including Nikon) is probably just hacking and hoping something works out.

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