m43 simple kit - choices, choices, choices

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Re: m43 simple kit - choices, choices, choices

So it seems the weight of opinion is with the OM-D/14-42/40-150. I still favour the option of a 14-150 lens just to keep it simple and that maybe pushes the OM-D out of my price range, after all this is a second camera system for me.

What I do like is the hand grip option as this would make it a fantastic backup to my 50D for studio work. In fact I sometimes run 2 setups and switch radio trigger channels so a second camera might be a bonus here.
Isn't it annoying when the dearest option is the one that ticks all the boxes.

Keeping an eye on prices, I might need to go with a twin-lens OM-D or maybe a G3/G5 with single lens (and miss out on a couple of ticks).

Time to head to the camera store and try some of these out for more than 2 minutes...

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