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Re: You must be kidding

SpiritShooter wrote:


So your saying that when I was in school and there was no such thing as AF, we used single split screen focusing in the center and then recomposed it didn't always work and we "needed" right and left focus points?

You didn't need them but they would have helped, just like they do today.

And, when I use my Leica M9, focus and recompose (no AF) it doesn't always work?

Exactly correct. See this site for a simple explanation..

Focus, recompose and lean back a bit can help for close subjects.

Some Hassleblad cameras automatically make the necessary focus adjustment as you recompose.

Wish I knew that years ago, even though I never had a problem getting sharp wide open images.

Standards were different years ago.



Fashion Meets Fighting

Most fight shots taken with a M9 and Noct, usually wide open.

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