Photo Storage and Backup

Started Aug 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Photo Storage and Backup

James Pezzella wrote:

Thanks for your reply... I just need a backup solution that is easy, reliable, and affordable. I had that with Carbonite when I kept all my files locally on my main desktop - and lost that capability when I moved my images and music to a NAS (Carbonite doesn't support network backups).

Well, if that's all the only problem, slap in a big drive in your primary desktop and install an rsync routine that updates the entire contents of the NAS every day and Carbonite will happily back it up.

Or look to a less stupid arrangement than "unlimited sized backup, but with artificial constraints" like S3 or others. But then you will pay by the gigabyte (as they should be charging) and it probably won't be as cheap.

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