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Re: Why not Xtrans?

baobob wrote:

If you want to get all the details contained in the RAW you can use rawdrop (freeware at the page rawdrop) or helicon filter 5 (uses the same engine dcraw)
It's very good for details, might create some minute artifacts

The Silkypix bundled software is very good as well, with a UI not so friendly but worth the effort of learning

Usually, I use Helicon, minimal settings for light, export in TIFF then final adjustments in ACR. Get excellent results, avoiding smearing and bleeding (not an anal feeling, but a soli fact described by a lot of us)

Yes, unfortunately it is true, but only really messes up a shot in specific circumstances. If Adobe could overcome the colour bleed issue and the rather "blobby" rendering of leaves and water, it has the best overall colour default and general processing options. Also less obvious aliasing.

All the converters show that each specific issue can be dealt with, but none of them have "got it together" yet in one package, probably because of the small customer base. Despite the hoohah about RPP I'm NOT a fan of that particular conversion. A lot of people can't be bothered to learn SilkyPix even though it's pretty powerful, but it can achieve good results if you are prepared to refine the output in PS afterwards.

Hopefully it will come, but even with the issues I achieve finer results with the Xpro1 than I ever managed with a D7000, even if I occasionally have to resort to Silkypix to do the intial conversion. If I was looking at shots at ISO 400 and over, the gap is even wider and at 1600, no comparison at all.

I am looking forward to twilight work once I have the IS zoom lens.

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